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Reverse screen meme :iconalikurai:Alikurai 3,392 712 Class :iconrebel-cry:Rebel-Cry 2 0 Spring is here! :iconrebel-cry:Rebel-Cry 3 0 Sleepers :iconquirkilicious:Quirkilicious 1,669 23 ~OC CONTEST~ First place winner - Rufina Belle :iconrapturesraptor:RapturesRaptor 3 1 SS: Skye Aoi :iconkittybaka-chan:Kittybaka-chan 65 5 TV-tan :iconkittybaka-chan:Kittybaka-chan 65 0 Daisy Distress :iconkittybaka-chan:Kittybaka-chan 49 2 Don't Leave Now :iconkittybaka-chan:Kittybaka-chan 47 7 Comm: Cratos :iconkittybaka-chan:Kittybaka-chan 17 2 Australia day :iconsommerannie:sommerannie 31 0 Until then :iconsommerannie:sommerannie 34 0 Monty Davidson :iconmusic-n-anime1985:Music-N-Anime1985 7 0 Tyrion Portrait :iconyrandiel:Yrandiel 22 3 Peridot Chibi :iconhatsukibambi:hatsukibambi 166 12 Chibi Lapis :iconhatsukibambi:hatsukibambi 371 12



quick sketch-Magician^-^XD!!
heyy guys sorry i havent been on for ages ive just been working on my course work and havent had the time to do any drawings, this is the first quick sketch ive done really since my last upload.
quick sketch-Cybernetic Group^-^XD!!
these 4 characters are my favourite but recently i havent drawn them that much, they have appeared on my DA quite a few times :D
Bioshock Big Daddy Plush clay sculpture
i made this one for the lil'raptor for christmas as she really loves BioShock:D it is hand made and painted to look like the Big Daddy plush in BioShock 2. As you can tell behind the clay sculpture lil'raptor has a pop vinyl Big Daddy and a Little Sister^-^XD!! 
I was tagged by MadOtto XDD

well i think its about time i say some facts about myself :D

These are the rules.
1. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
2. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for your ten tags.
3. Choose ten people and put their icon in your journal.
4. Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
5. NOT something like "you are tagged if you read that".
6. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
7. No tag backs!
8. You can't say that you don't do tags.
9. You MUST make a journal entry.

I think i did this right idk XD

heres my 10 facts-

    1.    Im originally from the UK

    2.    I love video games especially from all the PlayStation consoles

    3.    I love anime, Kill la Kill and Soul Eater are my favourite

    4.    I get very distracted when trying to do assignments which isn’t good in year 12 XDD

    5.    I listen to music all the time, drawing, doing assignments, etc.

    6.    When I was a kid my friend was a small tree, I was a loner when I was little.

    7.    I have a small group of friends now including  that i know irl are Sommerannie and RapturesRaptor

    8.    I pretend to be Mettaton and RapturesRaptor  pretends to be Muffet from undertale at school (even though where both almost 18 :D)

    9.    I like to watch horror anime and play horror games even though they scare me when I try to sleep XDD

   10. My art style is heavily inspired by anime and coming up with a drawing is difficult cause if I have a set goal in my head it either gets scrapped or never gets finished, so instead I might think of a oc having  a scarf or a certain weapon instead and they mostly get posted to DA, and I did almost 120 sketches filling 2 sketch books under a month a while back XDD

Questions i was asked-

-1.Do you play RPG games ? If yes what's your favorite ^///^ ? (Even if you don't play RPG but you saw some on youtube, you can tell about them !)

A-there undertale and some parts in mabinogi are rpg dungeons.

-2.What do you enjoy drawing most ? People/backgrounds/abstract art ?

A-people or hybrids, i hate drawing background i find it the most difficult things to draw even more than hands

-3.What is your favorite Character in Undertale and why (or FNAF, whichever you prefer)?

A-I love Mettaton hes just a character i took to straight away but i also love the rest of the characters and my locker at school is full of undertale quotes from the main cast ^-^XD

-4.What is your favorite soundtrack from Undertale (or other game, but name it as well !) ?


-5.What's your favorite OC character ? (It can be your own or other people, your choice :) (Smile) )

A-I really like Ellie but also Alexina, Ledite, Buddy, Lilli, etc. i love them all :D

-6.Do you use other tools for painting besides Photoshop ?

A-I use pacers for drawing on paper (0.7) and Paint Tool SAI on the PC

-7.Is there an art you can't stand ? (like horror based, mushy stuff or so ?)

A-Simple cartoon style (flash based) i carnt stand, most i can like i love steven universe, regular show, adventure time, amazing world of gumball.

-8.What genre of music do you prefer ?

A-anime intros and outros, metal, electro, piano, instrumental, etc.

-9.Who's your favorite singer or music group ?

A-I love Celldweller, Breathe Carolina, Electric Joyride and the RWBY singers

-10.Do you prefer coffee over tea XD ? (sorry out I'm out of questions...TT_TT)

A-I like tea.

now for my questions i am going to ask

1. Do you watch anime if so wht is your favorite (subbed or dubbed)??
2. Favorite video game?
3. If you were an animal wht would it be and why?
4. Favorite Pokemon?
5. Read any manga if so wht is it?
6. Favorite band? or singer?
7. Favorite Song?
8. Favorite Film?
9. Hobbies?
10. Favorite quote?

Heres my 10 people im gonna tag, i await your answers ^-^XD i tagged these cause they have been the ones to comment on my images :D and just who i could find on my DA list XDD



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Love drawing, anime, and video games ^-^XD!!


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